Friday, December 18, 2009

l.o.v.e. is just another word i never learnt to pronounce

everything to look forward to has either passed (eg.formal) or is really soon (eg. christmas, nye) and im just not excited anymore. ive bought all my christmas presents and i know what i am getting, so theres no fun in that. i dont know wht im doing for new years eve as my friends are going to be seperated, some with family, some with other friends and i dont want to join. these 6 weeks summer holidays are gonna be shitty as, as im going to be working hard than playing hard. im saving up for a macbook and just a wardrobe full of new clothes :) i dont even have time to do anything really atm, and if i do, im jst too tired nd cbb. ive got 2 unread magaines, 1 unread book and 1 unwatched dvd.
ANYWHOOO, here are a few photos from my year 10 formal :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

random facts i learnt or realised lately

1. racecar is still racecar when spelt and said backwards.
2. im a perfectionist when it comes to everything except my room.
3. i really like heat, hate being cold.
4. don't wanna be addicted/tooo attached to anything. people, money, work etc. too many let downs.
5. figured out who my real real friends are.
6. figured out what i want to do later on in life, even though its gnna go drive me crazy since its hard.
7. its legal to be a prostitute but illegal to use their 'services'.
8. its so convenient to know people who work in different places eg. lillian at diva - in need of some jewellery. atiqah at boost - in need of a mango magic. lisa at surfection - in need for a new pair of thongs. :) haha
9. really really do actually want to travel to new york, paris and london.
10. people who are happy, rubb their happiness to others.
11. only ever gotten flowers twice, and none from boys haha.
12. neyo is starting to sound like a girl, its killing me to notice that.
13. i dont like most of the songs in chris brown's newest album, killing me too.