Saturday, July 31, 2010

they say the hottest love has the coldest end

make love - chris brown ft. tyga

Lil mama what you doin ? wassup?
Cause I aint gotta work this weekend
Lets get up, up, up, up
And I jus wanna dance and play a little bit
And baby I'm the man and shawty you the shit
Think about it we can do something nasty
While I got my energy up all in the club With the lights down low
And I got you Tipsy and youre all up on me pullin all my clothes
I aint finished my drink but I want sum more
Girl get your purse let me grab my coat
Got my keys so now we can roll back to the crib

I wanna make love to my baby
Do it all day and we can do it all night long (shawty)
Im gunna make love to my baby
Have it you way but I like it with the lights on
Imma make love to my baby
Girl get on top of me and imma let you take it off
Tonight is your night Baby So imma love you down

All I think about when she not around
If I get to see her I'm gonna take her down
Pull your tights down throw em on the couch
Like ? say put it in your mouth
Take your top off aint no body round Run around butt naked this my house
All these thoughts on my mind I gotta get them out
Tryin but I cant figure out
Remember in high school I used to skip class just to sex you
Homeroom was the only place I could call you
Now its like every time I call never get thru
That bullshit that we been through
Dam I miss you
Its like you kick a nigga out
Moved on to the next one
I hope maybe we can work it out
Dam I be wishin you was here right now

Friday, July 30, 2010

you talk alot, but you dont say much

i know you've thought about it more than once,
but now you got me wondering bout the possibilities
now we both thinking it but no one will say anything

Thursday, July 29, 2010

" i am the greatest. i said that even before i was " - Muhammad Ali
one word to describe you: rude.
nail done, hair done, everything big,

Monday, July 26, 2010

its been way too long, and im kickin myself for letting it get to this point. i did nothing to you, so why all this bullshit? and now im promising myself to never fall for this shit anymore cos it all wasnt f****** worth it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

back to reality

just came back from indonesia this morning and headed straight to school as i ddnt wanna miss out even more than ive already had. my holidays were pretty good, spending heaps of time with family, going to huge ass shopping centres, eating lots of es jeruk (iced orange juice?) and es kelapa (iced coconut drink). ANYWAY this is my list of likes and dislikes:

how i have alot of family there
things are heaps cheap
theres no speed limit, you practically make your own rules on the roads
theres a driver
salons, get to go alot, again, cause theyre cheap
mangga dua, the place of all things that are fake
how you can bargain the price for alot of things

how theres cats EVERYWHERE
the food restaurants on the side are unhygenic
how everyone is always late to everything
alot of the clothing/shoes there
its not safe to go places alone
the pollution
seeing all those people live in such poor conditions

Thursday, July 1, 2010

lucy: ed westwick kissed me in my dreams
me: he did more than that in my dreams

lucy -speechless-



1. lined up three hours to see ED WESTWICK/CHUCK BASS lovelovelove
2. got his autograph and was pretty much speechless when it was my turn (==)
3. watched ECLIPSE ooooooooooooooooooo em gee to jacob black and him being topless most of the time he was in the movie.
4. finished packing to go to INDONESIA frkn tmroo morning !!!

i cannot go to sleep.
tired of making the effort when it all becomes useless in the end