Thursday, May 5, 2011

REALLY want this from Tiffany & Co

Last Friday i went out with my work friends for dinner. We were supposed to go to Tony Romas and have all you can eat ribs, but my friend couldn't book it and there was an hour wait, so we just went to the Pizza Hut Buffet. Afterwards, everyone either went home or went out for drinks, but Mai, Cindy and I decided to be super asian and went to Capitol Square ( LOL ). We took asian booth photos and Mai won the leopard print hello kitty for me from those machines :D

new moschinno belt :)

Went to have dinner at some artsy French restaurant for my godmother's birthday at Darlinghurst. The place was sooo nice! They had people drawing a model who looked like she was from the 20's, then a singer who sang jazz and an accordian player. I've heard that my grandpa used to always play the accordian lol