Saturday, October 23, 2010

i've figured it out. my house is a frkn circus.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too frkn 'stressed out' you can say, lol.

1. Stupid Internet - there is frkn TEN internet users in my house and there isn't enough for everyone. This is all because there is tooooo many people living here !! i hate it. Let me count... theres NINETEEN frkn people here! I wish I could go back to the flat where it was just me and my parents. Now with this house, they gotta pay the loan and that, therefore we need these other people here.

2. School - it's only been 1 week into year 12 and it's freaking too time consuming and leaving me confused about choices.
English- gotta find 3 selective texts (I think) on top of doing like 5 others in class already.
Textiles - major project and i'm like full struggling with making up my mind wih ideas and that.
Art - ANOTHER major project.
Business & Economics - Confused about which to keep and which to drop.
Maths - its frkn maths .

3. Driving - trying the time to fit it in between work, school, church and stuff. So much stuff to remember. Getting too much pressure to do all the hours quickly from my godmother and she doesn't get it that i have more important things to do than get my full driver's licence.

4. People - There are just too many annoying people around me right now. My dad is a constant one. A stubborn girl at school with the designing of our year 12 jerseys. And i don't know what present to get for my friend whose party is on this weekend. "Anything",!

5. Sleep - Because there is so much maths homework, and i can only work late at night when no one is around, I don't get as much sleep as I need.

6. Something is wrong with a gland in my throat. frkn hurts to eat or even drink anything.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


faar out

i just need somewhere to ventilate, so yeahhh this will be a long one lol.

- okay, so you are really confusing me and i dont know what to do with you anymore. its like i cant get myself out of this situation because its been too long and it just keeps going on and on and on. but i know when its over (dont even know how thats gnna happen) i'll miss it.

- in about an hour and a bit i'll be turning 17 ! and im freaking out because i feel like my teenage years are coming closer to an end, nd i want MORE. like i feel like i havent fulfilled it yet as gay and stupid as that sounds. i havent even got any hours for my L's licence!! i could have gotten my P's by now !! :@

- i hate birthday planning. especially if its for me !! things get difficult and i just feel like not doing anything at all.

- another 'you' who i will not mention the name of. we could have been the bestest, that's all i have to say. lol

- year 12 will start sooon and im also freaking out about that! i have 2 major projects - art and textiles - and i dont really knw what i want to do ! i WILL have my breakdown half of term 1, i tell you.

- ANOTHER 'you'; you are one of the cooolest/nerdiest person i know, she stuffed up big timeee, she's missing out!

- and omgg,, people need to get their priorities right, seriously.

UGH, im off to do my nails, ciao x

P.S. do not try and guess who im talking about then ask me. pleaase.